internal martial arts club

Nèijiā (Chinese: 內家; literally "internal school") is a term in Chinese martial arts, grouping those styles (enumerated by Sun Lutang as Tàijíquán, Xíngyìquán and Bāguàzhǎng) that practice nèijìng (Chinese: 內勁; literally "internal strength"), usually translated as internal martial arts, occupied with spiritual, mental or qi-related aspects, as opposed to an "external" (Chinese: 外; pinyin: wài) approach focused on physiological aspects. The distinction dates to the 17th century, but its modern application is due to publications by Sun Lutang, dating to the period of 1915 to 1928. Nèijìng is developed by using "nèigōng" (內功), or "internal exercises," as opposed to "wàigōng" (外功), "external exercises."